Albuquerque PSL Bill Has Too Many Words to be on Referendum Ballot

Albuquerque voters will not get to decide this November whether to approve the Albuquerque Healthy Workforce Ordinance because the text of the seven page bill does not fit on the one page ballot used in the county election. Supporters had collected more than twice the number of signatures needed to put the bill on the ballot and urged that the ballot include a summary of the ordinance rather than the full text. But county commissioners rejected their argument because of the legal uncertainty about whether the full text of the bill, rather than a summary, must be on the ballot. A judge ruled that the county need not include a summary of the proposed city ordinance on its ballot and that, if the issue is on the ballot in the 2017 city elections, the text of the bill must be included.  There is no indication whether the minimum font size or margins were discussed with regard to the November election but those items likely will be discussed prior to the 2017 city election.

The proposed Albuquerque Healthy Workforce Ordinance would require covered employers to provide employees with paid sick time at the rate of one hour for every 30 hours worked. The maximum hours of paid sick time that could be used in a year would be 56 hours for employees of employers with at least 40 employees and 40 hours for employees of smaller employees.

Neither New Mexico nor any other governmental entity in New Mexico has passed a PSL law.