Beyond the PSL Laws: PSL Resources Now Available

Many of the PSL jurisdictions have published guidance about their respective PSL law. These government-issued resources range from just the text of the law to a webside dedicated to PSL with multiple links to additional resources. A reasonably comprehensive site might include FAQs, a template posting for workplaces and regulations.

I have added a “PSL Resources” tab to this blog’s menu bar. If you click on this tab, you will see a list of PSL jurisdictions. Clicking on the jurisdiction you are interested in will link you to the resource available in that jurisdiction.

As you know, PSL is a dynamic and evolving legislative topic at all levels of government.  Numerous jurisdictions are developing, adding or modifying resources regularly. While I intend to update the PSL Resources page periodically, please do not assume that the link is up-to-date. Before making any decisions concerning a PSL matter, make sure you have all of the most recent guidance or consult with your employment lawyer.

If you have any suggestions or comments concerning the PSL Resources tab, please let me know.