Paid Sick Leave Showdown in Maryland

With the Maryland General Assembly adjourning in just five days, in the bottom of the ninth, so to speak, the Senate and House reconciled their PSL bills yesterday.

Next stop for the “enrolled” bill is Governor Hogan, who has already announced that the bill is “dead on arrival,” DOA.  I envision him standing in his office, receiving the bill in hand, a paper shredder to his side, eagerly looking to transform the bill into confetti. The Governor prefers his Commonsense Paid Leave Act, the one that goes where no PSL law has gone before. See here. The Governor’s bill seems to have been DOA in the General Assembly.trash-97586_1280

 Sixty percent of the votes in each chamber of the General Assembly are needed to overrule the Governor’s veto. If all of those who voted for the reconciled bill also vote to override the Governor’s veto, that formerly DOA PSL bill will rise from the dead and Maryland will become State Number Eight.

PSL just doesn’t get any more exciting than this, does it?