Paid Sick Leave Quarterly: 2Q 2017

As the first half of 2017 came to a close, Practical Law asked me to prepare a mid-year checkup on PSL developments.  Thanks and a PSL-hat tip to Practical Law for that opportunity. Here is a link to the June 27 mid-year checkup.

Since that checkup…

  • Rhode Island remains in a budget stalemate. If PSL is to pass there, it will likely be in conjunction with resolving that stalemate. This means that the wait for State Number Eight to enact a PSL law continues. It is unlikely that a state legislature other than Rhode Island’s will enact a PSL law this year.
  • About 80% of Cook County’s political subdivisions, more than 100 of them, have opted out of the County Earned Sick Leave law. I have renamed the law “[The 20% of] Cook County Earned Sick Leave Ordinance.” A Cook County Commissioners said the County will file a lawsuit in response to the widespread rejection of its Ordinance.
  • Albuquerque PSL supporters hope an October ballot initiative will offer voters the option between approving a seven-page Healthy Workforce Ordinance or  authorizing the City to “promptly enact a sick leave ordinance in a manner that promotes public participation, public hearings, transparency and fairness so that a wise and workable sick leave policy is adopted and effective no later than January 1, 2019[].” Recall my observation that any time voters are asked if they would like more paid time off from work, they will say “yes.”  A lawsuit claiming that the HWO amounts to unconstitutional logrolling is still pending. My post about the Albuquerque litigation is here.

Just about all state legislatures have concluded their sessions this year.  3Q 2017  developments are likely to be from PSL litigation and ballot initiatives.