Minnesota Paid Sick Leave Redux

It began with the Fracas in Minneapolis, here, and evolved to the Minnesota Melee, here.  Let’s revisit the state of PSL in the North Star State.

  • Minneapolis and St. Paul each passed a Sick and Safe Time Ordinance about a year ago, each to be effective on July 1, 2017.
  • A cadre of business interests sued to enjoin the Minneapolis law.
  • In January 2017, a Hennepin County District Court judge declined to enjoin the Ordinance with regard to businesses within the geographic boundaries of Minneapolis but enjoined its enforcement with regard to businesses outside of those boundaries.
  • Each side appealed, We are awaiting a decision from the Minnesota Court of Appeals, which heard oral arguments on the appeal on July 11.
  • Minneapolis and St. Paul have implemented their ordinances, effective July 1, with regard to employers within the city limits.
  • The Duluth Safe and Sick Time Task Force continues apace on its mission to make a recommendation to the Duluth City Council later this year.
  •  Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton vetoed the bill passed by the Minnesota legislature which would have preempted municipalities from enacting a sick leave law, among other employment regulations.  It would also have negated the Minneapolis and St. Paul Sick and Safe Time ordinances.minnesota-31510_1280

In sum, the state of PSL in the North Star State is:

  • Minnesota is not a preemption state.
  • Minneapolis and St. Paul PSL ordinances are partially in effect, but a judicial cloud hangs over them.
  • The judicial outcome likely dictates Duluth’s PSL future.