A Font Fight in Albuquerque

The legal wrangling about presenting the proposed Healthy Workplace Ordinance to Albuquerque voters in October has been going on for about a year. One of the two lawsuits deals with the mechanics of presenting the proposal on the ballot. A judge had ruled that the entire seven page ordinance must be on the ballot and that a summary would not do. At the end of my post about that decision, I urged readers to watch for arguments concerning the ballot’s font size and margins.

Last week, HWO proponents filed an emergency motion to stop the City from printing the HWO on the ballot in 7-point font.  They claim a ballot in 7-point is “illegible and [an] illegally-small font size.” They argue that the font size should be at least 8.5-point to comply with federal voluntary ballot guidelines which, they claim, New Mexico has incorporated into its law.

Proponents also renewed arguments that the ballot should contain a summary of the HWO and that a “legible, large-text copy” of the ordinance be provided in each voting booth.