Paid Sick Leave Redux in Michigan

A second effort to have Michigan voters decide in November 2018 whether to approve a paid sick time law can move forward. The Board of State Canvassers last week approved the form of an initiative petition submitted by MI Time to Care.  The next step is for proponents to collect the required number of signatures to put the initiative on the ballot.

Michigan is not new to the paid sick leave debate. An effort last year to collect enough signatures to submit the issue to voters was unsuccessful. Earlier this year, bills requiring employers to provide paid sick leave were introduced in both the state Senate (SB 212) and House (HB 4307). Both were referred to committees.

In 2015, Michigan enacted a preemption law. The Local Government Labor Regulatory Limitation Act prohibits a local government from “requiring an employer to provide to an employee paid or unpaid leave time.”

I have posted about the litigation in Albuquerque concerning whether a summary, rather than the full text, is sufficient on the ballot and the fight about the size of the font.  The approved form in Michigan has both a summary and the full text of the proposed law, printed in 8-point Helvetica font.

We continue to wait for State Number Eight to enact a paid sick leave law. The Rhode Island legislature will consider a paid sick leave law when it convenes in mid-September. Maryland Governor Hogan vetoed a paid sick leave bill at the end of the legislative session. The Maryland Legislature may seek to override that veto when it convenes in January 2018.