Maryland May Become Paid Sick Leave State Number Nine 

Maryland this week may become state number nine to enact a paid sick leave law. The legislature last May passed the Maryland Healthy Working Families Act but Governor Hogan vetoed it, favoring instead his own The Common Sense Paid Leave Act, which never came to a vote.

The vetoed bill requires employers with 15 or more employees to provide up to five days of paid sick leave which can be used for an itemized list of reasons.  The Common Sense Paid Leave Act would have required employers with 50 or more employees to provide employees up to forty hours of leave which employees may use for any reason. 

state-house-annapolis-mdGovernor Hogan recently proposed the Paid Leave Compromise Act, which would scale down the size of the employer required to provide paid leave from fifty employees in 2018, to forty employees in 2019, to 25 employees in 2020 and subsequently but allow employees to use accrued time for any reason.

Maryland can become state Number Nine by either overriding the Governor’s veto of the Maryland Healthy Working Families Act; accepting the Governor’s Compromise Act; or negotiating something in-between. The Healthy Working Families Act passed the legislature with sufficient votes to override the Governor’s veto but narrowly so.
Stay tuned. Regardless of the weather, the heat will be on in Annapolis this week.