New Jersey Adds Paid Sick Leave, Cancels Thirteen Municipal PSL Ordinances 

With the stroke of his paid sick leave pen, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy yesterday made the Garden State the tenth in the nation to enact a PSL law and also canceled—preempted is the legal term—13 municipal PSL laws within the state. The new state law takes effect in six months, at which time the 13 municipal laws will meet their collective demise.

Due to that collective demise, the number of PSL laws nationwide will decline by about a third. This is only the second time in PSL history that the number of PSL laws has declined. The first occurred in 2011 when Wisconsin’s preemption law negated Milwaukee’s PSL ordinance.

With the addition of the New Jersey PSL law, the vast and complex PSL patchwork will consist of laws in 10 states, the District of Columbia, 2 counties, and 18 municipal laws.