Mandatory Paid Vacation Proposed in NYC

Note January 9, 2019 on your timeline of leave management history. Saying at a press conference yesterday that “New Yorkers need a break,” NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio proposed legislation to make NYC the first city in the nation to require employers to provide paid vacation to employees.


With a Democratically-controlled City Council, and the trend of requiring employers to provide paid time off for a variety of reasons, one has to handicap the likelihood of this bill passing as better than even.

For those concerned that this might open yet another patchwork in the paid leave mosaic, you are spot-on. One need not look too deeply into one’s crystal ball to develop a list of municipalities, and perhaps even a few states, that will be eager to follow NYC’s lead.  Watch for guaranteed vacation bills to be introduced in other jurisdictions shortly.

The proposed law would require employers to provide 10 days of paid vacation annually to full time workers. When the text of the bill is available, I will provide further analysis.

While this would be the first law in the nation to guarantee paid vacation, it would not be the first time such a bill was proposed. Two years ago, Maryland Governor Hogan, faced with pressure to enact a PSL bill, proposed the Commonsense Paid Leave Act, which would have allowed employees to accrue paid time off that could be used for any reason.  The legislature rejected the Commonsense approach and passed a PSL bill instead..